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Archive for February 2015

More Trees Means Less Carbon

Behaviour Change, Carbon Offset, Climate Change, Environment
  • 17 Feb
  • Ron Dembo
There is only one known way to take carbon OUT of the world: Trees. A Zero Carbon Britain report notes that all of the various technologies proposed to help achieve zero carbon by 2027 are either low or, at best, zero carbon emitters. “Forests are the only netnegative technology currently available,” says the report. With this in mind, tree-based offset schemes... Read More

The link between corporate philanthropy and employee engagement

Behaviour Change, Climate Change, Environment
  • 14 Feb
  • Ron Dembo
Big companies want more (social) bang for their buck! The trend is undeniable: corporations are becoming more and more aware of the need to be both financially viable and socially responsible. We are seeing more companies than ever before link their corporate philanthropy initiatives with employment engagement strategies. Take the fictional company Goodcorp... Read More

The Case of Villages in an Urbanized World.

Carbon Offset, Climate Change, GoodCoins
  • 10 Feb
  • Ron Dembo
In 2008, more people were living in cities than in rural areas. By 2030, its expected that cities will hold nearly 5 billion citizens (two-thirds of the world’s projected population). From a climate change point of view, many argue that mass urbanization helps reduce per capita footprints... Read More