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The link between corporate philanthropy and employee engagement

Big companies want more (social) bang for their buck!

The trend is undeniable: corporations are becoming more and more aware of the need to be both financially viable and socially responsible. We are seeing more companies than ever before link their corporate philanthropy initiatives with employment engagement strategies.

Take the fictional company Goodcorp, for example. Like many corporations these days, Goodcorp has an active, focused, and philanthropic culture. They give big dollars to charitable organizations that support youth in the communities in which they operate. Their CSR function hosts environmentally-conscious programs. They also have an employee engagement program aimed at helping the team “green” their homes. Two great programs – neither leverage the other.

Imagine if each program built on the next, so that engagement increased without any additional cost to the company?

Turn good into great.

Instead of donating directly to charities, Goodcorp can offer a matching program. For every dollar each employee saves on energy by committing to “Green” their home, Goodcorp donates to education initiatives in their community. The results can be real-time and measureable with specially-designed software. It’s evidence-based and auditable.

We take a “free” good (wasted energy) and empower the employee to dedicate that good back into their community. Employees are empowered, energy is saved, communities are supported, and a single dollar has legs. Everyone participates and everyone takes ownership over good results.

This idea is the heart of Zerofootprint. We strive day in and day out to tackle environmental problems as a motivated community with measurable outcomes. We can do this inside corporations, hospitals, schools, governments, and more.

It all starts with leveraging and linking corporate philanthropy and CSR. It has the potential to create stronger bonds with customers and employees. Healthier, more engaged employees are better, happier, more productive workers. And companies with heart are sought after in customer-driven world.

Posted by Ron Dembo / Posted on 14 Feb
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