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Give buildings the car treatment

The automobile industry is teaching us a lot about information transparency and how to educate the masses. Surprising, we know.

Every car – yes, every single one – on a car lot in North America has a mandatory Fuel Consumption sticker that, by law, informs potential buyers about each vehicle’s fuel economy. It’s also become an effective policy mechanism for controlling the overall fuel consumption of all cars – and, as a sweet benefit, reducing carbon emissions in the process.

Can we do the same for buildings?

The easy answer is this: Absolutely. Global greenhouse gas emissions are wreaking havoc on our environment. Buildings account for 40% of all carbon emissions in North America (By context, that sleek SUV your neighbout just bought? It only accounts for 3%). Skyscrapers are our biggest threat.

Put an efficiency sticker on buildings, call out the emissions numbers, and we believe buildings will easily halve their emissions. We have the tools to measure and calculate. Why not use the data to motivate change?

Read our paper on modifying the building industry to replicate the automobile industry here and weight in on the discussion.

Posted by Ron Dembo / Posted on 24 Apr
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