We change behavior for Good.

Good people are healthy people. It’s proven.

In 2012, we launched a little something called GOODcoins. The world’s first social currency and a platform for behavioral change that sticks. We did it because we saw a direct correlation between GOOD behavior (exercise, environmental consciousness, social responsibility, etc.) and positive healthy outcomes (happiness, job satisfaction, reduced healthcare system pressures, better relationships, etc.). It all leads back to good.

Social good isn’t just a trend. It’s a proven science. Mashable posted this article on the Data of Gratitude. Statistical proof that altruism does the body good.

It also does employers good too. Think about it: In the US last year, nearly 39 million work days were lost due to obesity-related illnesses. 39 million! A healthy staff delivers better work more often, and goes home happy. It’s a win for all.

See how one of our GOODcoins users, Brian Jacklin, changed his family for GOOD here.

Posted by Ron Dembo / Posted on 22 Apr
  • Behavioural change, Goodcoins, Social currency, Social good
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