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Governments and Green Credits

Can governments get citizens to care about carbon emissions?

Today, many governments have lofty environmental initiatives to meet. They have great ideas and innovative programs; what they lack is citizen engagement. Programs are usually one of two trending: carbon taxes or personal carbon quotas. Instead of punishing for overages, what if we turned the model around and rewarded for reduction?

We call it GOODcoins.

A reward system for citizens who do good. For every action they take to reduce their carbon emissions, they are rewarded. They can use their GOODcoins for cash rebates, tax reductions, and good products and services. GOODcoins can become the currency for all green initiatives. They can replace grants and subsidies and reward action. It’s a simple reward system that engages communities and can be used not just for carbon offsetting, but to promote health and wellness too. It’s easy and quick to implement, and it has the power to affect lasting change.

For governments, GOODcoins can engage citizens to be proactive and to help bring about change. Essentially, the citizens become the answer instead of the problem. We all work proactively for one common goal. And everyone benefits.

Learn more about how green credits can benefit mass populations, how to implement green rewards-based programs, how to monitor results, and how to ignite a population to opt-in to improve climate change here.

Posted by Ron Dembo / Posted on 25 Jan
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