We change behavior for Good.

Turn energy waste into social good.

The ugly truth is this: Canadians waste a LOT of energy. It’s exorbitant. There are lots of ways that we can reduce our consumption. Lots of programs put in place to educate. But we’re creatures of habit and convenience. And we keep on wasting and wasting and wasting…

Transform waste into good

Behaviors are easier changed by motivation and reward. We like gold stars. If every kilowatt of energy saved had a direct, measurable, and visible impact, would it be easier to be less wasteful? We think so.

For example, what if teachers and students at school were encouraged to save energy. Energy savings would be applied to improvements at their school – like better lunch programs, after-school programs, and sports programs. The motivation to save is there because a direct reward is up for grabs.

Read more on what’s possible and how waste can be transformed into GOOD. Then join us. Let’s make a big impact together.

Posted by Ron Dembo / Posted on 28 Apr
  • Behavioral change, Energy usage, Energy waste, Social good
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